It IS possible to experience JOY Regardless of Circumstance. I am living proof, and I teach what I live.
The first time I died I was 15 years old. I flew off a cliff on a motorbike and was declared dead on the operating table for two and a half minutes.
I had the whole NDE before it was fashionable. I have no fear of Death.
Back in ICU I was told I’d never walk again, my doctor wanted to amputate my leg.
I told him I’d not only walk, I’d dance on his grave.
Within seven years I was a medal-winning ballroom dancer
I overcame a pain killer addiction – after my 2nd overdose. 
I become a highly successful top level business executive in New Zealand.

I had a couple of great years, and convinced my husband to expand into Australia. We moved into a fabulous apartment in Elizabeth Bay in Sydney, just in time to watch the Sydney to Hobart yacht race from our balcony. 

A couple of months later, at 24 years old, I was hit by a drunk driver.
The spinal injuries I had suffered in the motorbike accident were reactivated.
I couldn’t speak without stuttering, walk or stand for more than a few minutes and I had lost 70% of the strength in the left side of my body.

The biggest challenge was when I became stressed, the soft tissue would swell at the back of my neck, preventing blood from going to my forebrain. I would have about 3 minutes before I blacked out.
It was a stressful time, I was blacking out several times a day at one point.
I never knew whether I would wake up from a blackout. 
Oxygen deprivation from each blackout caused an oxidative stress wall in my forebrain. 
After a couple of years of intermittent oxygen deprivation, my frontal lobes scanned like an autistic child.
I had increasingly limited access to thinking forward or remembering back.

Doctors said I would be dead or vegetative before age 30.

For the next 18 months I walked with Death as a constant companion. He taught me how to live, and Guided me in how I want to show up in the world.

I became an Expert on Clearing Stress in 3 minutes or less.

The Western Medical Profession gave up on me.
I began studying alternative, healing methods.
I am certified in more than a dozen different holistic health modalities  As I journeyed through each, I uncovered amazing skills and tools that enabled me to take back control of my life. With each new modality I grew stronger.
I learned things like how to keep a clear head no matter what’s going on, and how to dissolve emotional trauma easily and painlessly.
How to understand my body and the messages it sends, and  how to treat my brain like a bio-organic super computer.

Instead of being brain dead at 30, I had learned how to reprogram the neurological pathways of my brain by thinking new thoughts. In doing so I was able to bypass the brain injuries and access different parts of my brain, generating uncommon new perspectives, and abilities.

*   By age 30 I had co-created Australia’s first computer software support organization.

*   I was the first individual ever to be nominated for an IT&T Award for Excellence in Industry Development.

*   The first woman to sit on the board of the Queensland branch of the Australian Information Industries Association.

*   I became an advisor to both State and Federal Government after single-handedly co-opting the unanimous support of every major computer organization in the country.
‘She developed an ‘established an end-user support traineeship that introduced an entirely new, much-needed path within the IT Industry which created thousands of jobs at the level where they were most needed’   –   quote from Connecting Queensland Magazine.

a65924dc8764701cde5329131e02667c_nd27*   We started that company with a $30 government cheque that bounced.

*   My formal education ended with the bike accident at 15.

*   I know nothing about computers to this day.

My book ‘No Worries, Mate!’ details the ‘De-worrying Process’ I used to achieve these business successes and stay sane in the midst of the continued grand adventure that is my life.


At 34 I lost everything for a third time. I went from top of the ladder, to a single Mother on welfare, in a year.

Five years later I was a Member of the Australian Association of accredited Alternative & Natural Therapists – AAANT. I was healing myself, and teaching others how to do the same.

ae9bc4fca8645c68ad51c8119db71e57_ho1pI re-created myself as JOY to remind myself of what I chose to embody. My passion became psychoneuroimmunology: How the way we think affects our physical health and well being. I began a healing and metaphysical practice.

In the new millennium I received a spiritual calling to travel the world, teaching the best of what I had learned. My passion for the last 20 years has been collecting ‘emPOWERment tools’: Skills and techniques to live more JOYfully and less stressfully in 3 minutes or less, and how to experience JOY regardless of circumstance


Everything I teach is RAD; Replicable Applicable Demonstrable – each emPOWERment tool is demonstrably applicable providing positive benefit in a repeatable way in 3 minutes or less.
Sharing what I learned with you is what makes my crazy life make sense.

I was recently interviewed by Thrive Magazine and Authority Magazine, then invited to create a short video on Living with a Ravenous Thirst for Life for the International Day of JOY online summit. It may help you understand me better.

Read the Authority Magazine article here: