March 30th Good Friday, Passover. It is precisely 11.11pm when AnJaneen and I arrive at a lesser known part of Tecopa Hot Springs for a JOYQuest.

We have driven from Vegas into California, to arrive in the middle of nowhere. Low hills frame the desert with interesting shapes, stark against a hazy sky.

A random seeming 30’ fence and a sign on the side of the road are the only indicators that we have arrived.
There is another car; we aren’t the only ones in the know.

The only light, and it’s more than enough, is the moon. It comes to fullness at 12.15am Easter Saturday. We are here to do Sacred Ceremony.

AnJaneen is beginning an apprenticeship with me.
She is releasing all that no longer serves her, so she can live her purpose.

I am here to honor 2 years since I officially left the nest as White Peacock Woman
1 year since the Wild White Peacock walked up to me in an LA suburb, 3 hours after I asked Upstairs Management for a sign if I am to continue the White Peacock Academy.

It’s time to own the integration, and move to whatever the next upgrade is.

We load Penelope’s little wagon with sleeping bags, towels, food and water, sacred items.
I invite AnJaneen to lead the way, towing the wagon. I walk beside the wagon to make sure nothing falls off.

We spent the 90 minute drive clearing an array of societally induced fears.
Now she gets to Test the Teachings, or Verify, as the White Peacock Academy terms it.

She has no idea where she is going, we are alone, an hour or so from ‘civilization’. We know there is someone else at the Springs, we will be naked in the waters, baptizing into the next level of the Game.

She rocked it. “This is the first time I’ve ever taken the lead and not felt scared. It makes all the difference having a Guide

We double the sleeping bag on the rough clay, and lay it next to a clump of reeds shielding us from the other visitors.
Set out the crystals that wanted to come with us, and do Ceremony under the Blue moon, which is surrounded by the biggest circle I’ve ever seen. It takes up the whole view! When I relax my vision enough to encompass it, it feels like a portal.

We enter the water at midnight exactly, laughing at the perfection of the numerology signs.

In the car, as we were having a discussion about signs, after AnJaneen realized signs don’t always look the way we think they will.
– I spontaneously said “We are entering California now”, she looked for road signs – there were none on this dark little back road. A second later the GPS welcomed us to California.

Conventional logic does not apply at this level of The Game.

AnJaneen also rocked her next test of courage slipping naked into the dark, sulfur scented water, immediately calf deep in super squishy bentonite clay- my favorite part of the Springs, but it can be a bit startling.

Another opportunity for her to experience courage presented when an even deeper, slushy, algae grabbed her feet, and wouldn’t let her move on.
It’s because you are supposed to be right here” I confirmed “Breathe, notice how alive this Spring is”
“Oh I’m noticing how alive it is!!”
“Good, now notice how delighted everything is that we are here, doing this. You asked to be filled up! Can you sense the amount of nutrition and nourishment you are receiving through your feet right now? All your nerve endings are being richly nurtured.”
“I do feel really supported here…”

It was an incredibly supportive environment, and a wonderful night for cleansing and baptizing and beginning anew.

The other people left “They look like Pilgrims coming to a Holy Place” AnJaneen said, and gave a surprised laugh when she heard her Guide say “They are Pilgrims in a Holy place… and so are you.”

A lone man arrived, wanting very much to join us. I gently apologized for not being social, explained we were meditated and doing Ceremony under the moon, and directed him to another part of the Springs. He was very understanding and respectful.

This too was an important lesson. There were so very many throughout the night.

It was 2.22am when we left. Exhausted, Ecstatic, Cleansed, ready for the next level of The Game.