I’m worrying myself sick

Dear JOY; My wish is to save my business, the Recession has hit us hard. I am so worried I can’t sleep, my family is suffering, its all I can think about, I am literally worrying myself sick. I’ve invested my whole life in this business and now I am in danger of losing everything.                Recession Victim

If all of your internal resources were contained within a single portfolio, would you invest it in something that would drain those resources, take huge chunks of your time, diminish the quality of your life and give you nothing but grief in return?

No of course not… not consciously. But that’s exactly what you do when you unquestioningly squander your precious time in worry. Worry can cripple your business simply by diverting its focus.

Start by taking a leaf out of my book ‘No Worries, Mate!’ and make worry work for you rather than against you, by using it as a trigger; for example:

Use worry as a trigger to check your resources: Make a list of the resources you have to help you with the things that are concerning you. Whenever you feel worried, check which of those resources will help you to a solution.

Include friends and family and your own internal strengths as well as the material goods and services you have access to. Make it a point to add to your list regularly.

Use worry as your trigger to get productive about solutions: When you feel yourself beginning to worry, realize that you are likely focused on what you don’t want, and that is rarely helpful. Change focus to what you do want, then become proactive about working toward it.

Use worry as a trigger to alert you to the fact that you are living in either the past or the future, and so are not doing anything useful here and now: Believe it or not worry only exists outside of the present moment. See for yourself the next time you are worrying, you’ll either be fretting about what was, or stressing about what isn’t yet. Take a deep breath, come back to the moment, which is the only place you can actually do anything, and refocus on what you can do here and now.

Not worrying doesn’t mean not caring, it means being able to care more effectively because you are unclouded by worry.

Consider this:  There are only two things you can worry about:

The things you can change – and there’s no point in worrying about them

because you can change them.

The things you can’t change – and there’s no point in worrying about them

because you can’t change them.

When you are in the middle of what looks like a crisis, the worst thing you can do is throw worry at it. That will only throw you in to stress, causing you not to be as effective as you need to be.

Stop, breathe, and give yourself more options. The more choices you give yourself, the less trapped you’ll feel.

The key to your business success is to focus on solutions rather than problems. Stay open to new thoughts and ideas, everything around you was once a new idea.

Starve the worry of your energy, feed it all to the solution, and the worry will wither away all by itself.

When you feel yourself beginning to worry, stop. Take a deep breath, and remember you, and only you, have the final say as to how you will spend your internal resources. Invest them wisely.

Check out ‘No Worries Mate!’ for more help.

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