I’m not smart enough

Written by JoyPhoenix

Dear Joy, I wish I was smarter but I’m not. I feel like I’ll never get what I want because I’m not smart enough. I see people around me getting ahead, even though they are my age its like they have something I don’t. I have big dreams that my friends say are unrealistic, I don’t have the brain power. I still want to do them but I don’t know how. Can you help me?         Jean

The ability to live your dreams doesn’t rely solely on your brain capacity. Some of the dumbest people I know have off the scale IQs. Common sense will beat out intelligence almost every time.

In the 80s I co-created Australia’s largest computer support organization, and helped corporate and government bodies understand what they needed to do to streamline their organizations and achieve their business goals.

In the 90s I studied psychoneuroimmunology and became a holistic health practitioner to help people move through their problems and achieve their dreams.

I did these things AFTER doctors told me the brain damage I sustained in a car accident would eventually result in me being a vegetable.

If I can achieve my dreams you can certainly achieve yours Jean! Here’s where you start:

I discovered there was very little difference between the two careers I mentioned. The brain is a massively sophisticated bio-organic super computer that you can reprogram however you want.

The best thing you can do to improve things, is keep in mind that old computer adage GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.

*          You get out of something whatever you put into it.

*          However much you might want something it will only happen when you have the program in place to bring it into your life.

*          You can’t run a program that hasn’t been loaded: If the computer that is your brain has no reference for it, it can’t produce it.

*          If you have an existing subconscious program that runs in opposition to what you are consciously trying to attract, it will sabotage your success in that area every time.

Consider for a moment how your brain has been programmed, and by whom.

How many of your thoughts are actually yours? How many have been placed there by culture, media, fear, and the beliefs of other people?

Is there a chance that your subconscious is running programs that aren’t yours, or even run contrary to what you consciously want, and this is why you aren‘t getting what you want?

Is it really true that you are stupid, or do you just have your own unique way of thinking and perceiving in the world that didn’t happen to align with whomever disagreed with you? Did ‘they’ punish you for being different, tell you that you were wrong and make you believe they were right because they were an authority? Isn’t it actually true that you can do anything as long as you take it one step at a time?

Take a good look at them, where did those beliefs come from? Are they actually yours, or do they belong to your parents or someone else? Do you want those beliefs to continue running your life, or would you rather choose new ones more appropriate for you?

This is your brain, and ultimately you get to decide what goes in it. The thoughts and beliefs you choose will determine what you manifest.

If you don’t consciously choose your own thoughts, you will simply stay on autopilot believing whatever is fed to you.

Are these new thoughts, these different beliefs, as valid or more valid than the old ones you had running? If so it’s time to upgrade!

Start by being clear on what IS true for you now, make sure that the appropriate belief is phrased positively and in present time.

“I am smart in my own unique way” as opposed to “I am not stupid”

This is your brain, and ultimately you get to decide what goes in it. The thoughts and beliefs you choose will determine what you manifest in your life.

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