Dear JOY. My wish is to live. I have cancer. The doctors say it’s incurable. What do you say? Is there hope for me?  Laurie

Dear Laurie, I believe incurable means curable only from within.

I became a holistic health practitioner after the western medical profession gave up on me. Frankly if I’d died every time they said I was going to, I’d be in and out of the grave like a yoyo. I’m living proof that you only get to die when it’s your time.

I have learned that disease, or any imbalance in the body must be treated holistically in order for complete healing to take effect. Body, mind and spirit need to be treated simultaneously. If the physical symptoms of an imbalance are surgically removed or suppressed with drugs, and the emotional cause is never addressed, then the symptoms will inevitably return.

Check out Louise Hay’s books if you haven’t already, especially ‘Cancer; your healing power’. The surgeons did what they could do for Louise, but she was considered terminal. They gave her just a few short months to get her things in order.

She has been helping other heal their terminal cancers for decades now. She is one of my sheroes, her pioneering work in cancer and in tracking physical imbalances to emotional causes is fascinating and transformational.

Louise discovered that cancer was caused by resentment when her resentment over childhood sexual abuse grew until it formed a vaginal cancer that began eating away at her body.

Because different emotions live in different parts of the body you can often tell what the resentment is around by where it is located in the body.

For many, what she has to say is very controversial, but what she has her patients do works greater than 50% of the time and all the chemotherapy in the world cannot make that claim.

Going within to address hidden resentments can work when chemotherapy doesn’t. If you want to take control of your life and your health, this sort of therapy is powerful medicine.

How many women with breast cancer spend their entire lives nurturing everyone except themselves? Even if you don’t believe in the body mind connection the statistics are compelling. Taking responsibility for your cancer means you can begin to do something about curing it from within.

My specialty is Psychoneuroimmunology – how the way we think affects our health and well being. I have found that with cancer patients, and every other disease, recovery rate is directly related to the choice to take responsibility for healing, and to make different choices about lifestyles and thought patterns.

This doesn’t mean you asked for cancer, no one asks for cancer, but let’s take a look at how we can cause ourselves to get sick.

What we think affects our immune system. This is a very simple concept that has been substantiated by our science. At Harvard Medical School, researchers discovered receptors on our immune system cells for brain chemicals. Our thoughts create our brain chemicals. Good thoughts improve our immune system and negative thoughts suppress our immune system. According to the Harvard research, this entire process is biochemical.

We are responsible for what we put into our bodies Laurie, for what we eat and drink. We are responsible for many of the toxins in our lives. We are responsible for our toxic thoughts.

Choosing to detoxify our lives is a big step in healing. If you feel that you would also benefit from really deep inner cleansing to get rid of old emotional baggage as well consider working with me one on one.

Meantime I highly recommend a natural product called Protandim – it saved my life but that’s another story.

This is the 2005 Primetime Investigative report that drew my attention to Protandim.

All the studies have been done now, and 14 independant peer reviews are out.

Protandim takes out a minimum of 40% of Oxidative Stress in 30 days. Up to 70% in 120 days.

It’s Oxidative stress that causes disease and aging.

Go to – the public medical records. Type in cancer and oxidative stress.

Ask your doctor if you should be lowering your oxidative stress levels.

It’s an amazing product. I have seen it work miracles with SO many diseases because it doesn’t treat diseases inflammation or anything else, it makes the body do what it was originally designed to do.

I’ve been taking if for 2 years, it saved my life. I went from being in pain 24/7 to occasional pain, sleeping 10 – 12 hours a night and never feeling rested to having more energy that I’ve ever had and only needing 5 hours sleep. Never been so grateful for anything.

There is a 40 BILLION dollar a year anti oxidant industry because one anti oxidant molecule takes out one free radical. One Protandim molecule takes out one MILLION free radicals PER SECOND EVERY SECOND!

You take one pill a day, a month’s supply is only $40 a month and is delivered to your door!

There is also a wonderful cream – Protandim from the outside in.

It dissolves the link to skin cancer! I really like the anti aging part. Its a big part of my 1st aid kit now, amazing for wounds and burns, scars, and wrinkles 😀 It’s $70 and lasts several months

Let me know if you want more info. I’ve been devoted to finding alternatives to chemo and radiation since they were forced on my Mum. This is hands down the best thing I’ve ever found.

You can order Protandim wholesale through my mate Malinda

or by calling 1 866-460-7241 and telling them you want to order as a preferred customer using Distributor ID number 563036. This gets you Wholesale price for the pills – $40 and retail is $55, the True Science Cream that dissolves the link to skin cancer is $70 vs $85 + shipping and taxes so it’s way cheaper to get set up as a preferred customer.

The whole anti aging package with Cleanser, Toner, True Science Cream, Eye Serum and Pills is $200. 😀

Order one bottle of pills and one bottle of cream for your  initial order, and just the pills on the autoship, because the cream will last a few months.

You’ll get your own little website so you can change or cancel your autoship at any time, Protandim will arrive in a couple of days.




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