How do I choose a healer?

What do you look for in a healer? When I'm looking for a healer I first make sure that a treatment with them will not harm me. If I need to go to a doctor I muscle test any drugs he prescribes, and make sure I understand exactly what they do and what their side [...]

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What is a shaman?

I actually have 3 questions, what is a shaman really? What made you decide to be one? Would you recommend shamanism as a path? There are so many interpretations of what a shaman is, everyone seems to be one these days. It's become a new age catch all. I'm from a different era, and it's [...]

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When it’s Unforgivable

I heard you talk about not forgiving someone being like taking poison and expecting the other person to get sick, but you don't know how my partner wronged me! What he did was unforgivable, I can't just let it go. Is there a shamanic way you can tell me that will help? A wrong is [...]

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How to become Powerful

What is your advice on how to grow and develop my power so I don't get so hurt by people and things? What does it even mean to have power? Real power is never over anyone or anything. I think everyone has access to immense power, but not everyone realizes it, or uses that power, [...]

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Conflict Resolution

Try this simple, easy way to begin to address conflicts Start by writing it down for yourself so you can get clear: This is how I feel This is what I want This is what I'm willing to do to get it Remember the idea is to get clear of shame and blame and find [...]

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Improve Hearing & Focus

This is an emPOWERment tool is from my course 'Clear Stress in Less Time than it takes to Find the Valium' It will help * Improve your hearing * Refine your focus * Aid short-term memory * Enhance your listening ability * Facilitate abstract thinking * Improve your spelling * AND it feels Yummy Before [...]

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Shortcut to Enlightenment

  HA! Got an instant example of this when I watched the followup video. I was 'OMG my hair!' - I could swear I had looked in the mirror before I filmed. There wasn't time to do another take. I was frustrated with myself because I hadn't noticed my hair was running riot. I used [...]

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